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     I am essentially based in Barcelona, Spain. According to my schedule we can meet in Barcelona or Moscow at your convenience. You can directly contact me by phone, whatsapp, viber, skype or facetime. First contact is free of charge.

Medical Services

  • Selecting the right specialists

  • Scheduling appointments

  • Helping in understanding possibilities and negotiating fees

  • Patient's assistance at the clinic and during the operation

  • Translation: Russian, English, Spanish

Additional VIP Services

  • Hotel booking

  • Gourmet restaraunts

  • Shopping

  • Beauty coaching

  • City guide & entertainment

  • Organizing transportation

  • Other services (on client's request)

Plan 1

Primary Consultation with Marina:

Online or by Phone

Detailed information on procedures and the applied techniques, personalized recommendations on specialists, physicians and surgeons in the geographic location of the client’s choice.

Plan 2

Personal Consultation with Doctors

and Medical Concierge Services

Private consultation with your doctor, plus all the concierge services on your operation. Including medical translation, concierge's presence with you at the clinics and during your reabilitation.

Plan 3

Personal Consultation with the Doctor,

Medical Concierge Services,

and Additional VIP Services

This includes all of the above options - personal consultation with your doctor, personal medical concierge support 24/7, plus includes accomodational services of the client's choice. 

Ask Marina  if you have any questions *
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Barcelona, Spain *
+34 645 08 8485
Moscow, Russia *
+7 985 764 9331
* first contact is free

     My career as a plastic surgery concierge started more than 20 years ago in Moscow. Before entering the medical world, I was a pioneer of the modeling business in Siberia, opening the road for the Russian models to Paris fashion world. At about the same time I began being involved with diet-food and protein-food companies in europe and was an invited guest to many popular TV shows. That lead to becoming the author of numerous articles for top beauty magazines (Vogue, Marie Clair, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health) and also giving seminars on nutrition.​ Actively functioning in the Beauty World, I understood, that at that time the plastic surgery in Russia was way behind the world's leading achievements. Clearly it was necessary to open the doors into the West, and to bring the new technologies, new experiences and new professionals.​

      With my concierge-consulting company in Moscow, I became the pioneer in this direction, working with top foreign plastic surgeons from Barcelona, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Hawaii, Rio de Janeiro and Amsterdam.​ My priority and the main goal is to connect my clients with the best plastic surgeons and any other necessary specialists in the beauty industry. I am an international beauty expert with the wide range of possibilities to help those who are in search of transformation. I will guide you through the entire process, starting from your first consultation, to the operation, and to your complete recovery. With my access to the top experts in the field of plastic surgery, I guarantee you that together we will achieve only the perfect results. 


" Your Health, Beauty and Comfort Are My Priorities "

Barcelona, Spain *
+34 645 08 8485
Moscow, Russia *
+7 985 764 9331

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